2019: What a beginning

Just about everyone has been spending the last few weeks reflecting on the last decade of their life as 2019 came to a close and we entered into 2020, and I am absolutely no different.

And the beautiful part of entering into a new decade, is that this one is free to continue to be part of some of the most beautiful seasons of people’s lives – and be able to spend years to come with them, God willing!

But, before I get too far ahead of myself thinking into what this next year – and decade – has to offer, I have to first look back on where God & the years prior brought me. So, lets take it back just a little bit.

2017, and the beginning of 2018, had me thinking about getting back into this business of mine that was on a pause. If you’re new here, in 2016 I was running this business while helping to care for my ailing Dad, help my parents get settled into Arizona, home-school my oldest 2 and keep a busy toddler Weston occupied. When my Dad passed away I realized I needed to pause to focus on things that needed my attention at the time, and then finding out we’d be welcoming little Miss Charlie into our family in late 2017.

Photography has always, always been a heart call for me. A picture, quite literally, is worth a thousand words to me. I can feel them. My heart actually aches when I find pictures in thrift stores or antique stores. So, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this gift has been with me since I was a little girl. And so, while it seemed like such a leap, it has always felt right to be documenting.

2018 allowed me the opportunity to get my footing & learn and grow the way I’d always wanted to and make the decision to fully go after becoming a full time wedding photographer, and it was a truly blessed year. And 2019 was the year that would be one God gift after another.

In 2019, I’d photograph 43 sessions and 16 weddings.

Even after typing that I had to take a moment & really comprehend that. Because, for some, that may not seem like a whole lot….but for me, I am fully amazed, and humbled at the fact that I have gotten to be part of that many moments, celebrations and lives!

2019 allowed me to not only grow by absolute leaps and bounds, but it also allowed me to be able to work with incredible photographers that I truly admire, and have become some of my very best friends & mentors.

In 2019 I really found my style & grew so much!
Jan 2019 on the left – Nov 2019 on the right

2019 allowed me to photograph couples, seniors, families, friends who I can, without a hesitation, say that I truly love and adore.

2019 allowed me to move the needle forward. To be able to purchase the equipment that I would need to be able to continue this beautiful business.

2019 allowed me to be open to have people speak into me, to allow me to grow in my faith, and faith in who I am and this gift.

2019 allowed me to see that, while I may be a Mom with a camera, that I am not just a Mom with a camera; and that starting later than others may, does not actually mean a darn thing.

And if there was anything specific that 2019 taught me, it’s that with God, all things are possible. There are days I don’t actually know how any of this gets done. 4 kids that I shuffle, make appointments for (and take to), meet & talk to all of you lovely people, sessions, traveling for weddings & events (over 16,000 miles traveled in 2019), editing, all of my office work, and so much more, realistically my schedule literally screams When do you sleep?! but the good news is, I do! And even better is that I am sitting here thinking about how blessed this last year and decade was and I cannot wait for what’s coming.

So, here we sit just past the first week of 2020, and you may be asking now, “well, Caitlin, 2019 sounded pretty rad, do you have any big goals for 2020?”. I’m glad you asked!

2020 brings a new decade and for me, new habits on top of the goals for the year.

In 2020 I am working on being much more intentional with my time and focusing less on what everyone else is doing (being super active on social media and that darn comparison game) and focusing more and more on becoming the best version of myself for my family and for my business. This means a lot of head and heart work as well as working on crafting my work even further!

2020 brings new places I have wanted to – and still want to – photograph couples in love at! Not only do I want to travel around Arizona more, to sand dunes, Horseshoe Bend, Mt Lemmon a few more times – but I also want to photograph outside of this state, Utah Salt Flats, Imperial Sand Dunes, California beaches & back home in Washington State!

2020 brings new techniques I want to learn & implement, and I can’t wait to make this happen, so stay tuned!

And best of all, 2020 brings someone who is more than excited to continue this journey, to celebrate the most exciting seasons of life with incredible people, to keep laughing & sharing her heart, to keep serving you through this business – and because of this business – and to do more because of what this business brings me & my family.

So, here’s to a new year. Here’s to all the dreams we have that sometimes we don’t know quite how they’ll turn out, but we go after them anyways. Here’s to never giving up, even when the going gets tough. Here’s to laughing, smiling, blood, sweat & tears! Here’s to another joy-filled, laughter-filled, sitting around tables with strangers who become friends, year!

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