welcome, friend!

I'm Caitlin!  Lover of New Girl, traveling to allllll the places, the colors in a gorgeous sunset, good food, history and documentaries, and sitting around a table with people I love, creating memories and laughing until our cheeks hurt!

I'm a momma to 3 amazing children who keep me busy, laughing & drinking too much coffee to keep up with them!  I love being outdoors, and I love this amazing career I feel truly blessed to have.

My one goal is to walk this journey with you, serving you with a heart full of love, helping to ease any chaos by preparing you for your day and create a lasting friendship from it all.

"When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down 'happy'. They told me I didn't understand the assignment, and I told them they didn't understand life." - John Lennon

You spend so much one on one time with your photographer on your wedding day, it's important to make sure you meet them and make sure you are a perfect fit - like seeing your BFF after being apart for a while!

That's exactly why I like to ask you about you & your soon to be spouse and plan a meet up, over some coffee, or tacos, so that we can really get to know one another.  I believe that you can only get the best sense of a person when you can hear them!  If a meet up isn't your style - we can chat via email or a phone call instead!

After chatting and deciding that we are going to be new best friends - did that just happen, yup! - we will reserve your date and get scheduling all the things!

From your included engagement session to timeline planning, you will feel so prepared and cared for, which makes your wedding day such a smooth experience!

You want a photographer who has walked through this process with many couples and one who can predict the hiccups before they happen, because your day should be focused on the love that you two share!

This begins from the moment you set your date for your engagement session, with your style guide, location assistance and staying in communication to provide you with the most amazing & fun experience!

Then, timeline planning for your wedding day and going through the options and making the big decisions like whether or not you will have a first look, and why I highly recommend one, to planning out your family portraits and any other special details in your day!

I want you to be able to have all of the details set and have confidence in the decisions you've made, because each decision has been made from a place of confidence and preparation!

Your day is here!  You've prepped and planned and now you are ready to take the day as it comes - and to walk down the aisle to the rest of your life!

Together we will have planned my arrival and my job is twofold when I do.  Capturing the memories that will tell the story and allow you to relive the feelings of your day - and to be that extra eye through the day, fixing your train and veil, fluffing your hair, and helping the day to move along schedule.

My favorite moments throughout the day are most definitely those in between moments, capturing the stolen moments of love, laughter and emotion.  The pep talks, the prayers and tears.  

You will feel so free to relax and enjoy the day since you've spent the time to prepare for this day long before it's arrival!

So, cheers to your forever love & to telling that story for generations to come through your images!

The prep

The plan

The day

The experience

When you think about how you'd describe your relationship do these words come to mind: passionate, silly, loving, fun, adventurous, goofy, wildly in love?

Does your text thread consist of mostly gifs and funny videos?  

Are you always looking for new places to day-trip to while singing along to your road trip playlist?

If so, then I can't wait to work with you both to bring all the pieces of your wedding day together and visually tell your story of how you two became Mr & Mrs!

...then I'M HERE TO tell your love story in a way that's truly you!

if your love story includes equal doses of passion and goofy....

contact me


how would you describe your editing style?

I think the best way to describe my editing style is bright, warm and true to color.  I enjoy seeing the setting, details and people as they are, which  means making sure throughout the day that I'm capturing the people that are special to you both to have memories of them, all of the hard work you've put into this day and the love that you're pouring into one another!

What kind of photo edits do you include as part of your service?

I believe that you should look at your photos and recognize yourself, and that is why I have a rule about "if it's a temporary mark, I'll remove it. If it's permanent, I won't." What that translates to is things like minor acne, scratches, bruises can (most of the time) easily be removed.  Things like scars, moles, braces, birthmarks, physically slimming you aren't done without a prior conversation.  Please keep in mind that more extensive editing and removal/changes to your body may require an additional fee for time and the extensive work.

How long after my wedding can i expect to see my photos?

I believe in an under promise, over deliver rule.  I let my couples know that barring any crazy circumstances they will have their fully completed gallery between 10-12 weeks maximum.  This is an absolute maximum, but the reason behind it is a lesson from when my 2 year broke her leg and I needed to be more available, but still had commitments and deadlines.  Your wedding gallery is top priority, though, so please know that!

are any of your packages customizable? what about payment plans?

These are GREAT questions!

While I have 2 packages that I've put together after years of being in this industry, I am always open to sitting down and discussing your needs.  If it's something that I can reasonably do, than I absolutely will!

And please know that I understand budgets and monetary needs, so know that following your initial retainer, we can set up a payment plan that meets your financial needs!

What's your policy if you become ill or injured?

This is most definitely not something pleasant to consider, but the process would be to first, have my 2nd photographer step in to be the main photographer for the day.  If there isn't a 2nd photographer for the day included for you I would reach out to the photographers I routinely work with, know and trust to step in in my place to take over for the day in my place.

The communication would come from either myself or my husband to make sure you are kept in the loop the entire time!

what is included in your packages?

Currently I have 2 different packages for traditional wedding days and 1 for elopements.  Both packages include engagement sessions with different amounts of session length, and include a 2nd photographer.  If you need customization or to add anything to your package, let's chat!