Pregnant women are like unicorns to me.

“Um, Caitlin….what are you trying to tell us?”

You see, each of my pregnancies were not a very good time.  They were each filled with loads of medication – my last pregnancy held the record with over 200 pills a month – to keep me out of the hospital, but even still there were multiple hospital stays with each pregnancy, and loads of couch surfing to avoid making myself even more ill.

So, when I meet a woman like Alizabeth….better yet, a pregnant woman like Alizabeth…I just think of magic!

The day of our session had to be rescheduled a couple of times due to weather and work rescheduling so by the time we finally get her session done it put Alizabether at 38 weeks and a few days.  She had just gone on her maternity leave from work and kept up with me walking the whole session like an absolute pro.  And I don’t know about you, but when I was 38 weeks pregnant I was likely (ok, ok I was) crying and begging my babies to please just be born already!

Now, when I think of a unicorn, I think of this glowing, magical, mystical and beautiful creature – and I think all of those words accurately describe the glowing beauty in Alizabeth.  And, by the end of our session she probably thought I was an absolute nutso jumping up and down over the beauty I kept seeing on the other side of my camera.

But, I mean, how could you not get that excited?  Have you seeeeeeeen these images?

Take a look below!

*Just a note about maternity sessions, we made sure to clear it with her doctor before we shot her session this far along in her pregnancy.  The best time for you to schedule your maternity session is between 28-34 weeks, with the latest being 35 weeks.*

Caitlin Audrey Photography - A Desert Maternity Session

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