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About Caitlin

​Hey friends, I’m Caitlin – a Phoenix transplant with a PNW heart! I love Jesus, I’m married to the man who I’ve always been able to be – just me – with, a momma to 4 amazing and crazy kiddos, and would prefer to spend every day that I can outdoors – barefoot – feeling the earth under my feet.   If I could do absolutely anything in life besides being your photographer, it would be to travel the globe, living out of a backpack and just experiencing life and reliving it through the emotions my lens captures!

The WHY behind
Have you ever walked around your grandparent’s house and really taken in all of your family’s images across the generations?  “Aunt Millie sure had an incredible beehive!” …. “Check out Grandpa Joe’s car, I bet he paid next to nothing for it!” …. “Look how cute my mom was!” …. “Look how much Nana & Papa loved each other!”

Every time I went to my grandparent’s house, I’d walk the halls lined with frames, admiring a bygone age and all the people I held dear to my heart.  My heart, still to this day, leaps with fondness when I can open those plastic paged photo albums at my Nana’s house and launch myself back into time.

Capturing you and the loved ones you hold dear, the biggest events and milestones of your life, preserving your love & who you are right now for generations to cherish is my ultimate passion.  To serve each of you in this capacity is where my heart has been placed. 

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Phoenix, AZ
Engagement – Wedding – Maternity – Anniversary – Seniors – Head Shots