“Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme….where should we take our pictures?!”

Ok, maybe that’s not exactly quite right, but I think it fits – don’t you?

This may be one of those questions that every single one of my clients relies on me to determine.  But, what I would love for all of you to know is that your session location is, can be and should be as important to you as hiring me as your photographer and the clothing you wear to your session (more on that coming up soon in another blog post)!

*stop the car!*

Yes, I said it.  And the reason I said it is simply because these are the images that will be hanging on your walls, around your home and decor, for a year or more.  So, when you think about where your location will be, it really should vibe with every aspect of your lives.

With all of this being said, I absolutely do have locations for you to choose from.  But some things I want every client to consider is the fact that their session location can be anything from a simple desert or grassy backdrop to a very sentimental location to you.  So, here are the things I’d like for you to consider the next time you are getting ready to book your session:

  • The last time we had a session, what was the setting – and do we fall in love with those images all the time?
  • Is there a place that holds meaning, ie, the first place we kissed, where the proposal took place, our favorite hiking spot or Grandpa’s farm?
  • Do you always pass this beautiful location and always have wondered if you could take pictures there – it never hurts to call & find out!
  • What colors will be wearing for our session and will it match with the location? Neutrals are great everywhere, but some colors won’t mix well in certain locations!
  • Where are we putting these photos when we have them printed on canvases or put into frames?

There are so many options available to you to have your session, but I find asking yourself these questions can really help narrow down some ideas or direct you to a location you’ve always wanted your session to take place at!


Now, to clear up some questions you may have at this point – like, what if I just can’t figure out any of this?!  Never fear – Caitlin is here!

My goal is to make sure that everything I do is centered around you!  Because, if we’re being honest, that’s why we’re both here 😉 I want to make sure that you know I have location options and a style guide to assist you in really hitting the mark for what you envision in your mind.  My goal always is to make sure that I am assisting you to get to your dreams and never being pushy with what I envision.  And if you really can’t decide, I always recommend you go and take a look at my most recent work, either on my blog or on my Instagram and let me know what you see that you absolutely love!  And finally, I will always help you choose the best time of day for your session, because lighting is KEY to making your images bright and dreamy!

Josh & Samantha Scottsdale Desert Anniversary SessionRob & Emily Sedona Engagement Session Nate & Jennifer Scottsdale Anniversary Session

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