Samantha + Tyler: A White Tank Mountains Engagement Session

When I had the chance to meet Samantha for the very first time I could have sat and chatted with her for hours! Samantha has so much joy for life that I was so excited to be able to spend time with her, get to know her & Tyler and capture their love right from that very moment!

And let me tell you what, these two are so fun and sure brought that love and affection and it shows in every single one of their images.

These two are seriously incredible people – and I have to say how impressed I am for all that these two have been able to accomplish, from their incredible careers to building their own home! They have the cutest pup (guys, his name is Thor & he is a corgi and omgosh go follow him @thor_corgigodofthunder) ever and are really making an incredible life together, and I love being able to see that translate into how couples are with one another.

Now, Tyler did a phenomenal job picking out Samantha’s ring, let me tell you guys! The first time I saw it I was in absolute shock because it is just phenomenal — and guys, he designed this ring with her in mind! When she was telling me about it she said that he told her that she needed a ring that had as much personality as she does – and oh my gosh is it beautiful!

They had planned a trip together with friends to the Bahamas and Tyler proposed in literal paradise, on white sand beaches with crystal blue water!

But truly, these two cuties had so much fun together – and that is one of the biggest things I love seeing in couples is the ability to laugh together, dance together in the desert without a playlist, and just enjoy being with one another. These two have built a life together and the next step in that life together is marriage and I know that even with the short amount of time I got to spend with them, that it will be a blessed one!

So, without further ado, check out these two cuties — and Samantha & Tyler, thank you again so much for letting me be part of your lives during this season!

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