Can I be completely honest?

I’m not sure if I’m, like, totally alone in this or not – but I am not a business minded person.  I’m more of a take pictures, be creative, act like the goof that I am and spill my guts via my blog kinda gal versus being a business person.

And in fact, even if you have not been following me for very long, I’ve been doing that for quite a while.  But, today, I wrapped up the final piece to my making Caitlin Audrey Photography full fledged in the way of business – and really, it’s just the beginning of it all.

“Caitlin, why are you telling us this?”

I remember when I began this journey it would have been so easy to allow my thoughts to hold me back from all that I know is my path – and it could be so easy for you to do the same.  I mean, those thoughts are there every single day, every waking moment – amiright? Just to name a few: “why should they pick you?” “you’re just a stay at home mom” “couldn’t you just get a real job” “there are already so many _______ in your town”.  Even typing those out I had to take note of what my own thoughts were.

But, can I let you in on a little secret.  Running after your dream is an amazing thing.  And the provision to do so if you just take that first step is so incredible.  Who cares if there are already 2,347,805 other photographers/daycares/fitness instructors/etc in your town or NONE!

There is room for all of us.  Let me say that again, there is room for all of us.

So, here’s me, sitting in my dark living room at 10:49pm preparing for you to read this tomorrow.  I’m in my comfiest sweats.  My husband went to bed after we played some rowdy games of Wii Bowling and watched Trevor Noah stand up.  The Greatest Showman soundtrack is playing and I’m thinking about you.  I’m thinking about who you really are, and the dream inside of your heart that you are sitting on.  And, I want you to know that as cliché as it may sound, the fear of beginning is so much less than the regret of never finding out.

Start today.  Get connected to community.  Remember the vision you’ve been given.  Repeat “I AM WORTHY”.  Kick butt.  Do it again!

You got this.

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  1. Regeana J. says:

    Thank you for sharing some of your soul with us! From your photos to the blog, I love your website! Can’t wait to see what is in the future of it all.

    • Caitlin Dressler says:

      Thank you so much Regeana! Hopefully one day we’ll all see you and your beautiful self on this site! 😀 ::hugs:: -C

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