With so many gorgeous places in Arizona, how do you choose the best one for your engagement session?

Cave Creek, Arizona

Cave Creek, Arizona looks like a real life western movie set, but in the modern day. With beautiful hiking, plenty of horseback riding opportunities and a true-blue frontier town you will feel like you’ve walked back into time. And while there are some seriously fun places to go in Cave Creek, my favorite part is a little hidden gem that is one of Spur Cross & Jewel of the Creek. These gorgeous, tucked away hiking trails offer an incredible variety of scenery while also allowing you to get incredibly close to saguaro and offer the perfect, dreamy, desert backdrop for your engagement session! Find more information about Spur Cross here: https://www.alltrails.com/parks/us/arizona/spur-cross-ranch-conservation-area

Cave Creek engagement session at Spur Cross

Mogollon Rim

If you’ve never gone up to Payson, Arizona or to the Mogollon Rim, you’ll really think you’ve entered another state. With gorgeous northern Arizona pines and overlooks at every turn, you get to see a different side to the state that you probably haven’t encountered before. And while the Mogollon Rim is a popular stop for a lot of people, it’s the perfect location for the truly breathtaking engagement photos you’ve dreamed of – and while the drive is a little long, 2.5 hours from Phoenix, the scenery on the drive is quite remarkable too! Check this link out for more Rim details: https://www.travelawaits.com/2457007/phoenix-day-trip-mogollon-rim/

Engagement session at the Mogollon Rim in Payson, Arizona

Desert Botanical Garden

If you haven’t been to the Desert Botanical Garden, trust me when I say, you are missing out. This location, while having a $20 entry fee per person, is so worth it for not only being able to see some of the most incredible plants and sceneries that showcase the whole of Arizona, but to then have those as backdrops to your engagement session – winning! From a gorgeous cottonwood grove, to the desertscape with Papago park in the background, to the cactus garden and so much more, it’s an absolute perfect spot! But, check out this link to learn more: https://dbg.org/

Desert Botanical Garden engagement session in Phoenix, Arizona

Well, that’s the list of top engagement session locations in Arizona.

I love these locations because they truly offer such a wide range of scenery’s that you’d definitely, and never, expect from Arizona. And while I love it when couples pick locations that mean something to them, I love being able to work with epic locations that really bring that jaw dropping amazingness to highlight the perfection that is your love!

Are you recently engaged & trying to figure out where to have your engagement session, or who to photograph it? Are these locations on your list – or is it somewhere else? Send me a message or drop me a line in the comments & let’s chat about the places you want to go & capture your sweet love! https://caitlinaudreyphoto.com/contact I can’t wait to meet you!

hugs, Caitlin

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