What’s Caitlin’s favorite session?

Before I even began writing this out I had to sit back and really think about how I was going to word this, because I wouldn’t say that I have just one favorite kind of session I love, because if I’m being honest there are different why’s behind each one for me!

So, maybe you’re sitting here and you’ve just happened onto my blog and asking – well, what do you even photograph?

I’m so glad you asked!

My favorite things to photograph are fun loving couples and portraits.  My couple’s sessions cover everything including engagement, wedding, maternity and anniversary.  Being able to spend time one on one with my couples through some of life’s biggest milestones brings so much life to my soul.  Being able to learn their story from dating, how they met, how he proposed; photographing their wedding day and hearing him talk about how beautiful she looks in her dress and witnessing how he cried as she walked down the aisle with her arm in her Dad’s; celebrating the new life they are anxiously anticipating; celebrating the years they’ve put into their marriage and one another, hearing their stories on the trials and joys, the renewal of love time and time again and how they’ve come out stronger than they’ve ever imagined.

You see, photographer’s are creatives.  We are visual storytellers.  And while every session will include those beautiful posed images you imagine hanging on your walls – it will also include those candid moments, those intimate moments of your love that’s special to just you two, those belly laughs, you know, the one where you snort!  And, about those intimate moments…first of all, we’re not getting that crazy, but there are a few prompts I really love to walk couples through that allow them to step out of their own heads and bring back those butterflies, the love and all their dreams in their spouse…those are your special images that will never grace my published galleries, unless given the go ahead by you, because I really believe a couple needs to have a handful of images that are just raw, passionate and exciting!

Love has so many dimensions, so many stories to tell, and as much as I want to give you the classic images – I want to be real to who you are as a couple.  That’s why beforehand it’s so important to me to get to know who you two are as a couple – because your love is unique and special to only you.  This can be done a couple of different ways, my personal fave is to meet you two in a comfortable place, either Starbucks or on your couch if you like, and just get to know you two — or you can fill out my questionnaire that has specific prompts to guide you through being able to tell your story without any moments of writers block!


Up next — Portraits!

I never thought I’d love faces so darn much, but I really really do.  And I think it’s this very interesting tie to my first profession before photography became my life long career – I went to school for Esthetics, or more known as skin care.  Working with skin gave me this deep love for people’s faces and how unique they are. Faces are so much like fingerprints, except for that whole no two are alike thing, because ya know…identical twins!  Photographing portraits, though, allows me the opportunity to work with business individuals and capturing their head shots and also High School Seniors.

Head shots, typically, have a very straightforward approach because what most people are looking for is pretty standard.  However, the same care and attention is given to all of my clients, no matter how long I’m with them.  I take time with each of you to find out what your business is, what are you trying to get across in your image; are you a CEO, Entrepreneur, Health & Fitness Coach, Professional Harpist, you get the idea.  This helps me to know where we photograph you, provide you with an appropriate style guide or styling direction if you need it, and determine how many images you’re needing!  During your session I really feel like it’s my opportunity to get to know you and pour love into you.  Being in front of the camera can sometimes be like being under a microscope and I want to do everything in my power to make sure you don’t feel that way at all!  We will spend time chatting, getting to know one another, laughing at awful jokes (I mean, I have nothing but bad jokes guys).


Senior portraits are something that, as a momma and a previous teen, I really like to put myself into the shoes of both parties who are anticipating these images.  For my senior sessions I offer several different packages that are designed to give you something you can afford but also includes what you’re looking for the most – to be able to share these images with the world, because, that’s your baby – right momma?!

I work closely with a professional hair and makeup artist so 2 of my packages include those options, I have spent time crafting a style board of latest styles for Senior girls and boys – this includes clothing, hair and makeup.  I am available to you and your senior for consultations from the time of booking through delivery of images, this includes being available to say “What would go well with this shirt?  What kind of accessories can I/should I include?  Tie or no tie?  Suit or casual?”.  Then, again like all of my sessions, we work together to find a setting that won’t take away from your senior, but will really make them stand out so much you won’t be able to stop looking at their images!  During a Senior session – just like all of my other sessions – we have a good time.  Being a Mom of teens myself, I’m a professional amateur at things like the floss, the dab, and other various Fortnite dances (are they even a thing anymore?), but either way I promise to keep your senior having such a good time they will forget they were a bit nervous when they arrived – and that brings joy knowing that they had fun and that you, as the parents, could trust your children to feel comfortable and have a good time in one of the most exciting times of their lives to date!


Anniversary Session - Caitlin Audrey Photography Phoenix Wedding & Portrait Photographer Anniversary Session - Caitlin Audrey Photography Phoenix Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Anniversary Session - Caitlin Audrey Photography Phoenix Wedding & Portrait Photographer Anniversary Session - Caitlin Audrey Photography Phoenix Wedding & Portrait Photographer Anniversary Session - Caitlin Audrey Photography Phoenix Wedding & Portrait Photographer

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