This is a topic that I feel like is consistently 50/50 on whether or not couples want to have a first look on their wedding day.

There are a lot of superstitions and traditions that surround seeing the bride before the wedding ceremony, as well as grooms who are concerned with ruining that aisle moment – you know, the moment you see your beautiful bride walking down to become your wife.

After spending the last 7 years with couples on their wedding day, and witnessing both weddings with and without first looks, I thought it’d be a good time to write down my own personal thoughts and experiences, as someone witnessing it all!

First and foremost, I, personally, don’t think there is anything unlucky about sharing a moment with your soon to be spouse. The day goes by so quickly, believe it or not, and so many things are happening around you and oftentimes it’s the first time you two have spent a significant amount of time apart on a day that you would normally choose to be together! And because you have that connection, and are choosing to get married and join together as husband and wife, I think it’s safe to say that you two love each other deeper than any “luck” can run!

One thing that I often hear from brides, as I’m walking them to their first look after getting their soon to be husband into position is this: “there have been so many things that have happened today and all I want to do is put my arms around him and kiss him.”
There is comfort in the one you love, and that is totally normal. Emotions on a wedding day run deep – this is the most exciting & special day of your life! So, it’s totally normal and expected to want to see them and share those moments together. What’s even better is that what a first look offers you is the opportunity to do that somewhere that is private, away from your guests and is truly just you two.

Speaking of wedding guests, all of those family and friends that you love oh-so-much, they’re going to want a minute with you both once you’re married! And besides sneaking off for sunset bridal portraits, the rest of your evening is spent dancing, eating and greeting with all eyes on you. So, when deciding whether or not you want to have a first look, it’s important to think about the fact that as your photographer, I will work to find you that moment and place that is private, just for you two.

And, what about that cocktail hour? Maybe you’ve made customized drinks for your friends and family to enjoy – wouldn’t it be lovely to be able to enjoy them together? When you have a first look it cuts down on the time after the ceremony in which you would need for bridal portraits. It allows you to quickly get through them, marinate in the fact that you are in fact now husband and wife and then go and get that party started!

Lastly, I think brides and grooms are both equally nervous that seeing the bride before that walk down the aisle will remove the emotions from that moment, and truthfully I’ve never seen that happen. The first look is such an amazing opportunity to get out those pre-wedding ceremony jitters together, to be able to share a sweet moment before the ceremony and seeing all of your loved ones…but that never takes away from the fact that when she starts walking down the aisle, that this is the moment.

But, of course, if a first look isn’t something that you want to do and you are set on that, that is absolutely ok, because there are so many options to being able to spend a moment together. The emotions still run high, I am able to add some beautiful images of you two together, be it if you’re back to back, standing on either sides of a corner of a wall or a door. During these moments, most couples like to have pre-written notes or private vows to either read to one another or exchange with one another. Each time I’ve been witness to these moments, tears are shed – and then again when the ceremony begins!

So, truthfully, you have several options available to you! Think on it, pray on it, sleep on it and chat about what will be best for you two as a couple, and know that whatever your choice is, your wedding day will be just that, yours.

I’ll leave you with what my bride, Cheyanne, had to say about their first look you’ll see in the next images:

“That was probably my favorite moment from our day. It was so amazing just to be together by ourselves and share our love together! Plus, all the nerves vanished after that!! Literally the best!”

Waiting patiently for his wife!
Fixing the dress so everything is perfect!
Emotions run high as the prep of the day melts away!
He is overcome with how beautiful she is!
Sweet kisses!
Joy to be together!

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