2019 Senior Rep, Maiya

  1. Olivia Saucedo says:

    The photographer shows off Maiya’s true beauty

    • Caitlin Dressler says:

      Thank you so much! Maiya was so easy to photograph because not only is she gorgeous, but she has such a sweet and fun personality! I feel so blessed to work with her!

  2. Jacob Roberts says:

    Maiya looks like an absolute model tbh! Pictures are really good!!

  3. Dominick says:

    You are such a queen. These look so amazing!

  4. Mindy Patel says:

    You did an amazing job I’m in love with
    These pictures. I love how natural she looks
    and not posed. Amazing job. Thank you
    so much for this opportunity

    • Caitlin Dressler says:

      It absolutely was my pleasure! Maiya is such a wonderful young lady, I am truly impressed by her! Big kudos to you both as parents 😊

  5. Elena Puente says:

    my baby is so beautiful, amazing job ❤️

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