I did tell you that I had 3 Senior Rep’s this season, right?  Well, let me share a little bit about that — and Maiya!

So, what’s a Senior Rep?

Last year in October, I started receiving applications from high school juniors and seniors who would represent Caitlin Audrey Photography in their high schools — and out of all the applications I received, these three lovely girls were the final ones chosen!  There are so many fun perks in it for these seniors who participate, but we’ll start with the first bit, is they get a couple mini senior sessions and with all the perks!

This session started with all the girls and their momma’s joining me at my home for hair, makeup and pizza!  They had hair and makeup services provided by the amazing Kerri Metcalf — and guys, wait til you see these images, you will be in shock at how gorgeous these girls are and how incredible Kerri is!

I know it’s said so often these days – mostly because “in my day and age” I was most definitely rocking blue mascara, roll on lip gloss AND sparkles and straightening my hair with a curling iron!  These girls, are just light years ahead of where I was at their age, and my camera just soaked it up!

But enough about their outside beauty, these girls are inwardly gorgeous and that is a testament to who they are and who their parents are.  So, let me introduce you to Maiya!


I’d love to introduce you to Maiya, a Bradshaw Mountain High School junior.  Maiya is a truly wonderful young lady, in the fact that she is an all around girl.  She does well in school, plays sports, specifically softball with the best of ’em (she’s quite the talented athlete!) and she has an incredible singing voice!  That hasn’t even touched the fact that she absolutely amazed me by sitting with me and having a 45 minute conversation about life and the love she has for others….guys, that alone deserves all the accolades but it’s absolutely the icing on the cake that is this absolutely beautiful-inside and out-girl!  So, without further ado…..here’s Maiya:

Stops you right in your tracks with that beauty!  Leave Maiya a little note in the comments section welcoming her into her Senior year as the class of 2020!

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