Then & Now – How far have you come?

Wow.  What a topic!  This journey of mine began in 2011, officially.  My brother in law gave me his old camera and I started to capture things I loved, mostly my daughter Ava who at the time was freshly four.  Here you can see some of my progression – and also a name change!

And, while I had the cutest little model, and an idea of where I wanted to go, I truly had no idea what I was doing.  I was constantly reading online forums and blog posts about photography and doing everything in my power to learn, but it truly didn’t change until my wonderful, boyfriend at the time now turned hubby, Nick bought me a new camera.  Now, for those who do photography now you may absolutely die or fall over — and maybe you’ve never heard of this dinosaur, but this was my rock it til the wheels fall off first camera – the Canon 500D/t1i.  This camera had a max megapixel of 15.1 and the ISO range was 100-3200.  To put it lightly, not in a gajillion years would this puppy stand up to cameras today – even your phone camera is better!  But, 7 years ago, this baby was the bomb, kind of.

So, off I went on my merry little way photographing anyone and anything I could.  Along the way I upgraded a couple more times, purchased new lenses, read more blogs and photography forums.  I started to get better, but I knew I wasn’t where I wanted to be.  You see, the thing about photography is that it is unique to each individual – even if styles are similar, or we use the same locations, or the same editing techniques – a photographer’s work is their art, their creative output, and as much as I wanted mine to show something different, at the time I wasn’t seeing the growth I knew was possible.  So, in 2016, before my Dad passed away, he gave me his camera and he asked me that when he does pass away that I become the person documenting our family’s.  That was his role in our family.  In fact I can go back to being a toddler and find selfies he took in the (parked) car with a film camera – talk about talent! He documented everything.  So, I happily captured everything I could after he passed, including my little sister’s first pregnancy (I get to capture her baby bump again next month!).  The real break in my game came when I became pregnant with our last baby, and due to a medical condition, couldn’t work at all.

Fast forward to 2018, our last baby, Charlie, was 6 months old and I knew I had to pick up my camera again.  But this time, I was determined to do it serving  you all the best way possible, with growth and work that you all would love and that I would be extremely proud of.  And even in this last year, I can see immense growth, and I’m excited to share it all with you!

I’m excited to say that when you work with me now, you will know exactly what you’re getting.  You will get a well educated photographer, who runs a legal business, who is dedicated and passionate about you, your story, your portraits and your experience — because, truly, none of it works when missing even 1 piece.  February 1st, 2019 was officially 1 year back in the game and since then I’ve invested in about 6 training courses.  I’ve upgraded my gear, purchased new lenses and spent so.much.time behind the lens photographing everything I could to grow.  And I’m truly thankful to each of you have supported and loved me, whether it was when I was just starting out or if you just stumbled upon my work a week ago.  Without this gift that God has given me, the support of my husband, family and friends and each of you loving me, I still wouldn’t be here! So – thanks be to all!

And, without further ado, what you’ve come for.  Caitlin Audrey Photography -then & now.

-This is a senior session from 2015 and a senior session this last weekend, 2/2019-


– This is a desert wedding shoot in 2015 & a beautiful desert elopement 11/2018 –


– The same senior as above, in 2015, and a senior session this past weekend 2/2019 –



– This is my beautiful friend Jenna’s head shot.  She inspires me so much then and now, and gave me so much grace, in 2015/16.  And a new head shot of my friend Kali, in December 2018 –


– An engagement session 6/2018 and an anniversary session 1/2019 –


– Look at this beautiful lady! 7/2018 and 12/2018 –


– And finally, a ring capture from 4/2018 and 1/2019 –



If you’ve made it this far — thank you!  Photography really is a passion that burns down deep in my soul and I pray that as you’ve looked at these images you’ve seen someone who is dedicated to providing you the best of the best and pours every ounce of her spirit into providing that for each of you!

I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please share them with me below 🙂



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