It all started with a gym Queen, a newbie to said gym, and a pull up bar and bench.

At least, that much they can agree on ūüėČ


It’s funny, as they told this story to me, and Collin said the first thing he noticed was her loudness, and it’s probably because she yelled, “Who moved my bench?!”.¬† And Abbey says the first thing she noticed about him was the fact he moved her bench, his lack of hair….but oh wait, muscles!

From that point on, they shared the gym peacefully and also grew in their friendship.  Abbey said he would always find reasons to talk to her, in the middle of her workouts nonetheless Рaka Collin really liked her!  During the time of growing their friendship, Abbey kept inviting him over to events at her parents house, and how could he say no?  I mean, Italian family + a really cute and fun girl?

And once they’d been friends and spending loads of time together, Abbey invited Collin over for a Halloween party and Abbey’s sister finally said, “so, what¬†are you guys?” which forced them to look a little deeper and both see they really did care about one another!

Fast forward to Collin proposing, since both of them are in love with health and fitness¬†and they both met in the gym – what better way to propose to Abbey then when she was gym-sitting (is that even a word, well, it is now!).¬† Collin staged an elaborate break in at the gym, in Abbey’s words, “trashing the place while I was watching it for the owner”.¬† So, as she arrived and found the gym absolutely a mess, she walked around, shocked, only to notice up on the plyo deck the words “Marry Me?” written out in barbells and jumpropes while their family and closest friends looked on as he proposed.¬† I can only imagine the utter shock from going from one massive surprise to another – but, 5 years later, these two lovebirds are still deeply in love.

I had the pleasure of meeting Abbey and Collin while we were all attending the same church, and having the opportunity to spend several hours with them both really showed me how incredible these two are.¬† Abbey has just graduated college and Collin is still finishing up his schooling, and they both work hard for their futures.¬† Both have huge hearts for Jesus, their friends and family, their puppers and health and fitness.¬† They truly are bff’s – and wildly in love.¬† Collin can make Abbey laugh with ease, and Abbey shows Collin her love and respect for him in awe-inspiring ways.¬† When most couples have left the honeymoon phase by 5 years of marriage, you’d never guess these two weren’t still in it by the way they interact.

I say this with complete honesty, that it was my absolute joy to be able to capture images that captured their love and their laughter.¬† So, without further ado, my favorite images from their session — give them some love, and congratulations on 5 years of marriage coming right around the corner on June 14th!


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