It’s 9:31 pm and I just sat down to work after a very long day, and an emotionally exhausting evening.  I had planned to finish editing my amazing clients galleries from this week and start their blogs, but it’s a Monday – and this is real life.

Today my daughter had an evaluation that we have waited 2 months to get, and when we got to the office, we learned that they had canceled her appointment because when they called me to confirm the week prior, I hadn’t answered my phone.

So, in typical Mom fashion, I begged and pleaded with them to see if they had any availability and they managed to squeak us in.  Thank you, Jesus.

During said evaluation, Weston ran around the room like he had just chugged 6 cans of Mountain Dew, as Charlie, the baby, was, for the first time ever, uninterested in Blippi and kept shoving the iPad on the floor.  I’m fairly certain I only heard about 17% of what the doctor had to say and only got blips of the verdict of what we came for.

When we got home, I just desperately needed a moment, but Charlie decided she didn’t want to eat much or nap today, so I quickly made lunch and held her as much as a Mom of 4 could before having to jet off to get Kadence from school.

But, before leaving, I let our puppers – Sugar – in from being in our backyard and noticed her going a bit slower than normal.  She had yelped earlier in the day when I picked her up and I had noticed a large lump on her chest I hadn’t noticed before. So, I sat with her for a moment, and gave her some loves but she seemed to be doing fine and I headed off.

While I was gone Nick messaged me that we needed to talk about Sugar when I got home and asked how long I’d be.  I was at the store getting the much desired hair color for Ava, she’s been begging me for several weeks now.

When I got home though, I knew.  Sugar hadn’t moved from her bed for several hours.  She could barely even lift her head and she couldn’t get up.

We sat the babies down and let them know that while our heart was breaking, we could see that Sugar was very quickly declining.  We told them to each have their moment with her, tell her how much they loved her and take pictures.


Tonight after the kids went to bed, Nick and I talked about what the right thing to do was.  She hadn’t moved now for hours and hours, and she was struggling to breath well.  We cried, we hugged, and we said our goodbyes.

Tonight was hard.


I see it often, but it always hits a bit closer when it’s your own home….this is your reminder to love every person and thing around you as if it’s the last time you’ll get to.  Nothing is guaranteed and we all can love a little better.


RIP to our puppers, Sugar.  We love you.


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