It is absolutely not lost on me when clients choose to work with me on multiple occasions.

Jordan is a perfect example of that, as his twin sister, Lexi, is one of my senior reps — and so you may soon be thinking “I knew that face looked familiar”.  A 2019 MRHS graduating senior this year, with aspirations to go to Glendale Community College and become a Game & Fish warden – there was really no place better to capture his session than his favorite lake.

Did I mention that he loves fishing?  So much so that after his session he was going to go fishing and he brought his best pole with him to be in his session.  I really love that too, when seniors bring the things that are most special and important to them, with them to their sessions!  And while, 99% of the time the person arranging the session with me is the Mom – the session itself is really meant to showcase their senior.

So, after a couple weeks of chatting and nailing down the perfect location and putting together outfits, Mom, Jamie, and I chatting about all the details, the day had arrived and we all made the trek out to Canyon Lake.

Now, if you guys haven’t ever been to Canyon Lake, you really must.  It’s just past the Superstition Mountains and the drive out there is filled with winding roads along the most beautiful valley with incredible boulder features!  And then just as you’re wondering if you’ll ever get there (it’s about 10 miles of slow winding roads between 15-30mph) you happen upon the vista point and you can see the whole entire lake and it really is such the remarkable view.

Jordan brought along his Mom, Jamie, and girlfriend, Samantha, to all have a great time together – and better believe I put them to work!  Ok ok, maybe not full blown work but Samantha was wrangled into trying to make Jordan laugh.

Our first stop was Boulder Rec fishing area, and you’ll see shortly, but Jordan could seriously be a GQ model, because he nailed that Blue Steel look so well!


Awe, that smile is what all mom’s dream of, amiright?!

Next up was heading to his favorite dock for a more casual look, which also included the lake and his fishing pole.  And this is where we add becoming a Hollister model to his modeling career!  But seriously, I had so much fun with Jordan, getting to know more about what he liked — and a little secret, even guys love to see the back of the camera and Jordan was so helpful in telling me which were his favorite images — and I think we both agreed that the last few we captured were his new profile pics!


Jordan also has the same amazing green eyes as his twin sister Lexi and when I was working on these images I just remembered how much in awe I was over the color when I was working on Lexi’s images — so, question for the night…is anyone else kind of obsessed with unique eye colors?



Help me congratulate Jordan on his upcoming graduation!

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