Josh + Sam …. celebrating their love

I love how much we have in common.  Not only am I related to these amazing people through marriage, but I’m truly thankful for the friendship we all share.  Our families mirror one another in the way that all of our kids almost perfectly match up in age, so how’s that for always having friends in their cousins?

But, let me tell you about Josh & Sam!

Sam is an incredibly talented chef.  Holy moly this girl can cook, bake and make anything look incredible and delicious.  Secretly – or maybe not so secretly now – I just want to move in and eat all the delicious food she makes!  You don’t think they’d notice a grown adult hanging out just waiting for meals, do you?  Bonus points also go to the fact that this woman is incredibly smart, talented & strong – and one of my great friends! I’m thankful to have her as family, that’s for sure!

Josh, and Sam together, own an amazing business called Etch.  Let me tell you a little about this.  You know those really amazing, carved wood signs you are always seeing on your Pinterest?  They can do that.  Are you a really big (insert whatever team you love here) fan?  They can put that design on your garage floor!  Do you own your own company and want to have a really amazing and welcoming flagstone or piece of metal welcoming your guests and clients – they can do that too!

All of us are pretty lucky to have them, but I can tell you even more, how incredibly lucky they are to have one another.

One thing I’ve learned in my short 5 years of marriage is that if we allow it to, marriage can teach us about ourselves and our spouse in such an incredible way.  And it’s retold in the way we look at one another.  The way we snuggle in real close.  The comfort of our spouse’s arms wrapped around ours.  That was what I loved capturing in these images.  So, here’s to you two – and so many, many more years of loving one another!

Be sure to check out their session below – as well as some of the amazing work they can do with their business ETCH (I’ve included a link to their page so you can start following them here:

Josh & Samantha - 5 year anniversary - Scottsdale Desert Session

Josh & Samantha - 5 year anniversary - Scottsdale Desert Session

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