Tennessee soul & Phoenix heat

Do you see that sparkle in her eyes?  That, my friends, is joy.

This incredibly sweet woman, is Jennifer.  And I had the absolute pleasure of getting to know her a little bit while we shot these images….and seeing how much Tennessee runs deep as she ordered a sweet tea from the coffee shop we met up at.  Can I just say that I have this love when I see people ordering sweet tea?  I guess, it’s kind of similar to when my family has tea time…that lovely tradition that continues with each person!

So, besides the sweet tea, and her awesome accent I wish I could borrow for just a day (what do you think Jennifer, maybe just one?), she also comes complete with a huge heart and that relays directly into what she does every single day – helping non-profit’s!  Here’s a snippet from her:

“I am founder and principal of Provident Consulting LLC, a financial management consulting company for small businesses and nonprofits who seek to make positive changes in our world. As Principal, I get to help change-makers simplify, clarify, and amplify their financial information by creating streamlined business processes, recording transactions, producing easy to understand financial statements and operations dashboards for management, and then super-charging that information into actions that scale their businesses and grow their community impact.

I have the best job ever!!!”

Just WOW! Did you catch that?  Her goal is to make the work of non-profit’s more efficient and smoother so that they can help more people! Now, that is exactly someone that you need on your team!

Jennifer, the world is a better place with you in it!

Jennifer, Phoenix Headshot photographer

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  1. Jennifer Dimeck says:

    Caitlyn, I had the best time ever with you! I was so afraid to update my headshots (after 6 years) for fear I would not look as good. You captured all the positive things that have molded me over these last few years. Now, I want to do pictures with you every season!!
    My favorite take-aways from our session: you immediately recognized my skirt as LulaRoe and our birthdays are a day apart. We were destined to be friends!!

    • Caitlin says:

      The sweetest compliments on how your session went, but I’ll tell ya, it’s amazing people like you who make my job the best it could possibly be!
      And, haha! I loved your LuLaRoe skirt so much! Your outfit was perfect! Let’s plan to celebrate our birthdays next year!

  2. Lorrie McDonald says:

    Jennifer is my cousin. Can I just say I am so proud of her. AND… she gets that sweet spirit from her precious momma and daddy! (And maybe her older, humble cousin!🤣) Great photo!

    • Caitlin says:

      Lorrie, I can TOTALLY see where she gets it from 🤣 but in all seriousness, it appears to me that she has an amazing family behind her, so thankful to have met her and gotten to know what an incredible woman you all have sent our way! Phoenix is grateful!

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