Tennessee soul & Phoenix heat

  1. Jennifer Dimeck says:

    Caitlyn, I had the best time ever with you! I was so afraid to update my headshots (after 6 years) for fear I would not look as good. You captured all the positive things that have molded me over these last few years. Now, I want to do pictures with you every season!!
    My favorite take-aways from our session: you immediately recognized my skirt as LulaRoe and our birthdays are a day apart. We were destined to be friends!!

    • Caitlin says:

      The sweetest compliments on how your session went, but I’ll tell ya, it’s amazing people like you who make my job the best it could possibly be!
      And, haha! I loved your LuLaRoe skirt so much! Your outfit was perfect! Let’s plan to celebrate our birthdays next year!

  2. Lorrie McDonald says:

    Jennifer is my cousin. Can I just say I am so proud of her. AND… she gets that sweet spirit from her precious momma and daddy! (And maybe her older, humble cousin!🤣) Great photo!

    • Caitlin says:

      Lorrie, I can TOTALLY see where she gets it from 🤣 but in all seriousness, it appears to me that she has an amazing family behind her, so thankful to have met her and gotten to know what an incredible woman you all have sent our way! Phoenix is grateful!

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