Meagan + Ted – an Arizona Snowy Engagement

Before any session with my couples, I really like to send over a few questions that allow that couple to tell me who they are in their own words.  You see, telling their story is what my job is.  Not just my vision of their story.

One of my favorite questions to have answered is: “If you could tell your love story in just a few images – what would it speak?”.  Meagan & Ted answered that with: laughter, outside, rustic and romance.  Well, I think we definitely ticked all of those boxes!

We chose the Superstition Mountains because for Ted it was a very special place – you see, he used to be a landscape photographer and spent tons of time hiking all over those mountains.  And we lucked out also having the Lost Dutchman Museum being the perfect rustic backdrop that Meagan just fell in love with.  And, to top it all off, the week that we were preparing to photograph their session was also the same week that Arizona had a snowstorm like I’ve never seen before!

Wait, snow, in Arizona?! Yup! You read that right!  And, if you’ve never seen the Superstition Mountains, you are in for a seriously beautiful treat to see them snowcapped!

Ok, less about landscape and weather and more about Meagan & Ted!

Meagan & Ted met in 8th grade.  They went to middle school and high school together.  They even worked at Blockbuster together – I forgot to ask them, but sometimes I think about them sitting together in a quiet movie store, putting on their favorite VHS and hanging over the counter together – so, when you’re reading this, tell me if I’m right, ha!

Anyways, as we know, life has a funny way of changing and both Meagan and Ted head off in different directions for life.  They both get married and have kiddos, 2 beautiful children each.  But, as luck would end up having it, after their marriages ended and they were both looking for friendships for themselves and their children, Meagan reached out to Ted to rebuild that friendship.  In November of 2017 Ted asked her to be his girlfriend, and then in June of 2018 he proposed to her.

Funny story, right before Ted proposed to Meagan, he had handed her his car keys and wallet and asked her to hold them and jokingly Meagan pretended to run off with them – but as she was returning he then proposed to her.  And that’s the kind of sense of humor, levity and love these two have for one another.  A playful, everlasting love.  And I feel pretty lucky to have been able to witness it during their session and in the time I’ve gotten to know the both of them!

So, without further ado, here’s to Ted & Meagan – and to many, many years of a happy marriage and a beautiful life chasing after God, raising your beautiful babies together and being one another’s best friend.


Help me leave Meagan + Ted a congratulations on getting to be BFF’s for life!


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