Riley & David have one of those love stories that when they tell their grandchildren one day, I just know they’ll be in such awe of them.  And I’m sure that even then, with all of their grandchildren at their feet at the family get together, David will still turn his head towards Riley and give her that look that he gave her all during their engagement session.

My husband actually met Riley first through work.  He was chatting with her one day and found out they were getting married and had actually wanted an opportunity for an engagement session — and it was perfect because I was looking for an engaged couple to photograph, so win win!  I contacted Riley and we all met at Starbucks, because I’m a true Pacific Northwest girl and coffee is life!

Riley & David had actually been engaged for 2 years, but have been together for about 9 years – High School sweethearts!  They grew up in similar lifestyles with loads of connecting life moments and even work for the same company together!  They recently bought their first home together and after they get married they want to have a big family!

In that short little meeting I was, and still am, so impressed with these two.  Here they were, with their whole lives ahead of them and they had already done and accomplished so much together and through their love.  It was evident that these two are so dedicated to one another and I just know that their marriage will be fully blessed and that with the two of them together, there is absolutely nothing they can’t do.

Oh, and can I tell you the cutest story about their wedding date?

Riley’s grandparents were married for 60+ years.  Her grandpa always thought his anniversary was on Veteran’s day, and after many years of her grandma telling him it wasn’t she finally gave in and just went with it.  So, in honor of her grandparent’s, Riley has set the date for Veteran’s day of this year.

That story left me feeling filled with so much joy, love and respect for not only these two, but also for the wonderful families that raised them.  You see, that’s why I do what I do – to honor the generations past and the generations to come.  To tell your story as best as I can and so to that I want to thank both of them for allowing me to be part of their story to marriage.

Cheers to the many wonderful years ahead of you both!

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