If I’m being completely honest, it took me quite a few minutes to figure out what exactly to say here, because – and being completely candid – I can’t say that to date I’ve worked with anyone that has gone through the whole process of working with me and didn’t feel like family when all was said and done.

And really, that’s the biggest goal for me.  For you to finalize your experience with me feeling like every step of the way was fun, successful, relaxed & like you were hanging out with an old friend.

Relationships are my jam – I’ll say it time and time again because it’s so true.  My foundation for all the things in my life are built on relationships – from my relationship with my God, my husband, my kids to my relationship with each one of you that I am blessed enough to work with.  When we can cultivate a relationship from the start, one where you feel comfortable and cared for it will amplify your entire experience.

Now, is this for everyone?  Absolutely not.  Some people really just want someone to take their picture and that’s that – and that is A-OK!  But if you want the girl who is not afraid to break out her sweet dance moves (um, hello the shopping cart!) and probably stepping into an ant hill – this has happened in my last 3 shoots – then I’m your gal.

But truthfully, what will you get when you work with me?  You’ll get:

– time, so much time.  I love sitting with you at Starbucks and getting to know your story so I can tell it through my lens.  Not a coffee fan?  That’s ok – email, calls or text work too!  From the first time we meet until you receive your images, having the ability to be available to you to share your outfits, gush over your images I’m editing and more, I’m on your team!

– helping you pick out the perfect outfits for you – and telling you that you look absolutely amazing over and over again!  For my momma’s to be I even have gowns available for you to borrow for your sessions so one less thing you have to think about!

– helping you find the best location for your session – from discussing about that amazing property your Uncle owns, to the gorgeous venue you have access to, to suggesting locations to match your personalities I’ve got you covered.

– organization.  From contract to delivery of your images and art work, staying organized so I don’t miss a beat, because you shouldn’t have to worry about any of it!

– love.  My heart is here and I make sure each of you knows that.  I do photography because my heart couldn’t stay away from it.  Being able to stand in front of you and speak words that uplift you and pour into you and then capture that through my camera feeds my soul.  Seeing you feel loved, uplifted, important – that’s my goal each time.

This probably isn’t half of what you actually “get” when you work with me, but I think it’s easily some of the most important things.

So, tell me – what do you hope to get in an experience working with a photographer, besides amazing images?

Caitlin Audrey Photography - Phoenix Valley Wedding Photographer

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