Before I even began writing this out I had to sit back and really think about how I was going to word this, because I wouldn’t say that I have just one favorite kind of session I love, because if I’m being honest there are different why’s behind each one for me! So, maybe you’re […]

Working with Caitlin

March 15, 2019

What’s Caitlin’s favorite session?

Anniversary Session - Caitlin Audrey Photography Phoenix Wedding & Portrait Photographer
Caitlin Audrey Photography - A Desert Maternity Session


Pregnant women are like unicorns to me. “Um, Caitlin….what are you trying to tell us?” You see, each of my pregnancies were not a very good time.  They were each filled with loads of medication – my last pregnancy held the record with over 200 pills a month – to keep me out of the […]

Maternity Sessions

September 19, 2018