Riley & David have one of those love stories that when they tell their grandchildren one day, I just know they’ll be in such awe of them.  And I’m sure that even then, with all of their grandchildren at their feet at the family get together, David will still turn his head towards Riley and […]

Engagement & Weddings

September 26, 2018

Riley + David – a Payson Engagement Session

Caitlin Audrey Photography Payson Engagement Session


Our house is pretty much always filled with music.  I’m not sure about you, but most days there is nothing I can accomplish without having music playing in the background.  In fact, even as I type this a mix of music is currently pumping from YouTube. We often turn on YouTube for our music source […]


September 26, 2018

Fear is a liar


Pregnant women are like unicorns to me. “Um, Caitlin….what are you trying to tell us?” You see, each of my pregnancies were not a very good time.  They were each filled with loads of medication – my last pregnancy held the record with over 200 pills a month – to keep me out of the […]

Maternity Sessions

September 19, 2018


Caitlin Audrey Photography - A Desert Maternity Session
Josh + Samantha - Celebrating 5 years, Scottsdale Anniversary Session


I love how much we have in common.  Not only am I related to these amazing people through marriage, but I’m truly thankful for the friendship we all share.  Our families mirror one another in the way that all of our kids almost perfectly match up in age, so how’s that for always having friends […]

Anniversary Sessions

September 12, 2018

Josh + Sam …. celebrating their love


Where do I even start? 😀 You see, I only wake up early for a few things. 1) if my kiddos need me to wake up early – sports, school, etc 2) camping & trips 3) photoshoots Today checked 2 of those boxes.  My sweet A was headed off with our church to camp for […]


July 21, 2018

LuLa Lovely

Phoenix LulaRoe Portrait Session - MrsJen Smith LLR